Our mission is to promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ as written in the Holy Bible. Evangelizing and encouraging children and adults to follow Jesus’ example in humility, kindness, love and forgiveness.

We will carry out this mission through a variety of activities which seek to bring the knowledge of Christ, and His restorative power into children’s lives. Such activities will include, the following:

– preaching and teaching the Word of God in traditional and
contemporary formats
– educating Christians and non-Christians about the Gospel through
music, song, puppets, video, skits, literature and other
– developing instructional and inspirational materials
based on scriptural and spiritual principles
– providing support and resources to others who also desire to share and
spread the Gospel
– offering training and discipleship programming to interested persons
– creating, promoting and providing outreach programs to serve the
spiritual, physical, financial and/or emotional needs as such needs are
identified through the activities of Mustardville.
– participating in missions programs and missions work both domestically
and internationally