12910490_1146988985319705_1728812600_nMustardville was originally started 25 years ago under the name “Mustard Seed Incorporated” under the leadership of Kathy Rohrer.  It has since been changed to “Mustardville” as of November 16th, 2012. All of the original songs and curriculum have come to Kathy over the years as God has given them. She recognizes that  Mustardville has come from the Lord and He alone deserves any praise for it. “Mustardville (with Kathy) has been at 4 churches over the years as The Children’s Ministry, has done many Children’s Crusades, Festivals, Chapels at Christian Schools, Overseas Missions and other projects specific to what  churches have wanted or requested at the time. “Mustardville” is not tied to any one church or denomination. The message it brings to Children has been accepted by every where that it has ever performed at thus far. “Mustardville” is located in Canton, Ohio but has traveled as far as the country of Belize to share the gospel.  If your community or church would like to talk to anyone about coming to your area, please contact Kathy Rohrer at 330-312-6650.