A friendly mustard seed with a French accent, Frenchi teaches children about faith through Bible verses like Matthew 17:20, “If you have the faith of a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move,’ and it will move to another place, and nothing will be impossible for you.” His main goal is to help children understand and believe that with Christ, they can have mountain moving faith.

“Frenchi’s Song”
Oiu, oui my name is Frenchi the children I’ll teach
Oiu, oiu my name is Frenchi the children I’ll reach
Together we will learn of stories we have heard
Together we’ll explore the pages of God’s Word
Oiu, oiu my name is Frenchi!


Muscles is a weight-lifting mustard seed that has STRENGTH! He teaches children how to have strength in the Lord through Bible verses like Nehemiah 8:10,”The joy of the Lord is my strength.” His main goal is to teach the children that true strength comes from God.

“Muscles Rap”
I teach the children of strength and might
I’ll teach the children learn how to fight
In the armor of God we will march as one
our victory in battle will surely be won!

SAMMY Suckerface

Sammy Suckerface is a high-energy candy shop owner in Mustardville who loves to give away suckers to all the children who can remember his Bible verse for the day.



Moo is Frenchi’s rude, but loveable cow. He is known for his hilarious attempt to help Frenchi say his Bible verse, Matthew 17:20, but can never get it quite right: “If you have the faith of a mustardseed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Moo’ and it will ‘Moo’ to another place, and nothing will be impossible for you.” Children love trying to teach Moo to say “MOVE” instead of “MOO.” We’ll forgive him since he’s just a cow!


Carl Catchup               

Carl Catchup is a forgetful character who’s always running behind and really needs to “catch up!” When it’s time for the other characters to teach children new Bible verses, Carl is nowhere to be found! When he finally arrives – late – the children have to help teach him the Bible verses.



Gum Drop         

Gumdrop is a large personality that loves the kids so much. She is always around to talk to a crying child or to help the kids sing and dance with her. She seems to also, always be loosing her shoe.






Gummy Drop


A little girl whose dream was to be in the Mustardville shows. She named herself and has been to so many shows that she even knows the lines. All we can say about her is that she exemplifies pure joy!



Fanny Fruitless 

Fanny Fruitless is a farmer that seems to have quite a few problems. She has never heard of the Fruits of the Spirit so the kids are constantly trying to teach them to her.





Jolly Rancher                                                                                             

A really joyful boy that takes care of “Nugget” the  chicken.                                                                                 He is often seen running from Fanny Fruitless or Carl Catchup.


Scittles is a talented pop of fun. She sings, she dances and helps to keep Miss Kathy in line.